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“Exceptional leads! Their well-researched data has been instrumental in boosting our sales and expanding our clientele.”

Don Cooley
SaaS Founder

"Their well-curated leads have been a game-changer for our business. Their attention to detail and accuracy are unmatched in the industry"

Jacob Morris
Agency Owner

The Problem

As your business grows, it takes a lot of time to research and find the right companies to reach out to for potential leads.

Unreliable Channels

When seeking leads, it's tough when the channels you're using aren't reliable.

Depending on Referrals

You consistently rely heavily on referrals to generate more leads

Time Consuming

Spend hours scrolling through websites to find the right client.

Our Solution

Get Tailored Leads for Your SaaS, Services or Agency. Yes, It’s True. Start in Minutes

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How MicroLeadz works

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Deals upto $18000 with partners &
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$1,089.6/6 months

Ideal for SaaS, and Agencies businesses
  • 300+ New Leads Each Month
  • 20+ Data points per Company
  • Receive previous month's list upon signup
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Deals upto $12000 with partners &
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$612.9/3 months

Excellent option for a small Agencies and Micro SaaS
  • 300+ New Leads Each Month
  • 15+ Data points per Company
  • Receive previous month's list upon signup
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Receive the new list of 300+ leads every month

$227/per month

Ideal for individuals person and small businesses just getting started.
  • 300+ New Leads Each Month
  • 15+ Data points per Company
  • Receive previous month's list upon signup
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Receive the new list of 10 leads every month

Free/Per month

Ideal for individuals person who want to try the services
  • 10 New Leads Each Week
  • 10 Data points per Company
Free Leads

Boost Your SaaS, Services' or Agency Growth to New Levels

Our Leads Have Helped Clients Generate Hundreds of Thousands in New Revenue

Microleadz stands apart from other platforms; it’s not a massive database but a robust lead-generation tool designed to complement your existing business.

Hours on research

Each Month
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Curated Companies

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Great Questions,
Important Answers

Common Objections: I understand you might have some concerns.
Allow me to address them for you.

Won't we have a lot of competition from other SaaS or agencies?

No, Microleadz operates as a boutique, high-end lead discovery platform with a limited client base. Our focus is on quality over quantity, which is reflected in our premium pricing model. As a result, each lead we provide is only viewed by a select few members. Moreover, industry data shows that the average vendor responses in few, with 45% receiving three or fewer submissions. This means that every data within Microleadz represents a low-competition opportunity, with companies actively searching for SaaS or agencies like yours.

When can I get access to the Leads?

Once you sign up, you'll immediately unlock all the premium leads available in the program for as long as your subscription stays active. Plus, every week, we'll send you plenty of extra resources to help you kick-start your journey on the right track.

We're outside the US. Is that a problem?

Microleadz is ideal for agencies based in the US or those interested in collaborating with US-based organizations. While agencies from around the globe have successfully utilized Microleadz to secure clients, it's important to note that the majority of projects are conducted remotely. Thus, physical location is not a barrier to participation. However, it's worth mentioning that approximately 90% of the organizations listed are situated in the US and Canada.

What kinds of opportunities and how many can I expect to receive?

The number of opportunities you receive varies depending on the number of high-quality client projects posted each week and the plan you choose. For our all plan, we typically we add 300+ high intent premium leads per month.

What if I'm looking to avoid adding more tasks to my already busy schedule?

The last thing you want is another item added to your to-do list. Our program isn't just another job site that requires managing and extra time. Instead, it serves as a replacement for about ten activities you no longer need to handle. Say goodbye to prospecting, lead nurturing, and more. With us, you can sign up and immediately start sending proposals.

How fast will this work?

Results vary. While some secure a client within their first month, others may take 3 months or more before landing a new client. However, an overwhelming 99% of those who consistently send proposals to our leads see positive outcomes. In fact, winning just one project from Microleadz can cover your subscription costs for life.

How to do this, I am not aware?

Rest assured, we've got you covered. Once you sign up, I'll send over helpful tips and email templates.

what does our clients say about us

"Since partnering with Microleadz, our business has seen a tremendous uptick in qualified leads. Their innovative approach and targeted strategies have truly transformed our sales pipeline."

Jack Anderson
CloudGenius Solutions

"The ROI we've seen from working with Microleadz has been outstanding. Their leads are not only high-quality but also align perfectly with our target audience, resulting in a significant increase in sales."

Kevin Martinez
ZenithTech Solutions

"I was skeptical at first, but after just a few weeks of exploring Microleadz, I was blown away by the quality and quantity of leads they delivered. Their dedication to client success is unmatched."

Kevin Martinez
Nexus Advertising Co.

"I can't thank Microleadz enough for their exceptional service. Not only have they helped us generate more leads, but they've also provided valuable insights and guidance to optimize our sales process."

Ethan Turner
Summit Branding

"I was cautiously optimistic when we signed up with Microleadz, and I'm happy to report that they've met our expectations so far. It's been a decent investment for our business"

David Roberts

"After trying several lead providers, I stumbled upon Microleadz and decided to give them a shot. I'm pleased to say that they've consistently delivered solid leads that have converted into actual sales."

Lucas Evans
BlueSky Digital Agency